Fedipage is a Hugo based static page genedator and blog with ActivityPub support.

Here are some of the features.

  • Moved almost all site-specific stuff into configuration variables to make form easier install.
  • Organized the layouts/partials so that it is very easy to update the the templates.
  • Requires Vercel and Firebase for full ActivityPub support but will provide limited support as a purely static site as well. Limited support means the account can be seen, and its posts, but following wont be confirmed.
  • Wrote detailed step-by-step install instructions to make it easy for everyone.
  • Supports the following ActivityPub features:
    • Following confirmation
    • Notifications in your feed when new posts are made
    • The various pages show content from the fediverse interacting with it like reboosts, likes, and even replies which show up as comments on the page.
  • Tags are supported with a few options:
    • Tags can be configured to automatically be added to every post.
    • The tags added int he front-matter of a post can be added as fedivese tags. This can be set independently of any default tags.
    • Tags can be rendered invisibly, not showing in the text of the post on the fediverse yet still contain the tag metadata for searches
  • An ActivityPub alias can be set if you have other accounts across the fediverse. The alias can also allow you to migrate existing followers to the web page (untested, proceed at your own risk).
  • Microblog side-panel can be configured to show content from your alias fediverse account.
  • Multiple categories of blogs can be handled simultaniously and categorized and tagged independently.
  • Front page is constructed from markdown and broken up into short codes. So the front page can be modified without touching the html.