A New Major Version Released: Fedipage v2.0.0

Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub, has just released v2.0.0! We have a ton of new features and bug fixes in this release.

You can find the release on our GitLab here: https://git.qoto.org/fedipage/fedipage/-/tags/v2.0.0

The following is the list of all the new features:

  • Removed content folder and moved out the Fedipage site into a separate repo. This should make it easier for people who use this site to update from the upstream here without needing to worry about conflicts due to content.
  • Made /layout/top_list_generic site generic, it no longer mentions Fedipage and therefore wont need to be customized.
  • Made the /layout/menu/html dynamic so now there is no need to edit it when you customize sections.
  • Added a container shortcode for use on page types to get left and right margins. It is found at /layouts/shortcodes/container.
  • Adding new sections is now almost completely dynamic and requires much less modification of code. See updated README.me.
  • Added MathJax support for rendering Latex and math.
  • Added support for PseudocodeJS for rendering beautiful, standard, pseudocode.
  • Table of contents will now render if frontmatter toc is set to true.
  • Added a shortcode to render a GitLab based activity heatmap calander.
  • Added cal-heatmap support along with D3.js and several related extensions.
  • Opened up CORS headers since a static site shouldnt need any CORS protections.
  • Added a quote-box shortcode useful for displaying pretty quotes.
  • Improved the tabs shortcode so the title can be left off and it wont render a black empty square.

Finally here are some of the bugs that have been fixed.

  • Created type page and moved /content/_index.md to be that type. This breaks backwards compatibility therefore we must bump major version according to semantic versioning.
  • Card shortcodes no longer need to be linkable. By leaving the url argument as an empty string it will not render as a clickable link.
  • Fixed links at the bottom of posts that direct people to the gitlab page for the post.
  • Fixed microblog submenu so it no longer extends past bottom of the page.
  • Minor improvement to CSS so page types dont get clipped by the menu header.
  • Fixed a bug where backslashes in the summary of a post could break ActivityPub JSON endpoints.
  • Fixed the paginator next and previous links, they were assigned backwards.