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A New Major Version Released: Fedipage v2.1.0

Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub, has just released v2.1.0! We have a ton of new features and bug fixes in this release.

You can find the release on our GitLab here:

The following is the list of all the new features:

  • Added several shortcodes and CSS for rendering info-fields, for example for contact info. See info-entry.html, info-field.html, info-key.html and info-value.html under the /layouts/shortcodes/ directory.
  • Added the container-split short code which will split a container into two columns.
  • Updated CSS for blockquote and fonts to be more readable.
  • Added additional parameter to tab shortcode allowing the copy button to be hidden.

Finally here are some of the bugs that have been fixed.

  • Card shortcode will not longer render the horizontal rule when there is no bottom text to render. Removed significant portions of unused CSS to load quicker.
  • Improved responsive aspects of the CSS.
  • Several root settings in /hugo.toml were being overridden such as paginate these should now be fixed.
  • Fixed the CSS so the navbar wont overflow under very low resolutions.
  • Fixed certain text inside <p> tags overflowing and distorting the layout.

A New Major Version Released: Fedipage v2.0.0

Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub, has just released v2.0.0! We have a ton of new features and bug fixes in this release.

You can find the release on our GitLab here:

The following is the list of all the new features:

  • Removed content folder and moved out the Fedipage site into a separate repo. This should make it easier for people who use this site to update from the upstream here without needing to worry about conflicts due to content.
  • Made /layout/top_list_generic site generic, it no longer mentions Fedipage and therefore wont need to be customized.
  • Made the /layout/menu/html dynamic so now there is no need to edit it when you customize sections.
  • Added a container shortcode for use on page types to get left and right margins. It is found at /layouts/shortcodes/container.
  • Adding new sections is now almost completely dynamic and requires much less modification of code. See updated
  • Added MathJax support for rendering Latex and math.
  • Added support for PseudocodeJS for rendering beautiful, standard, pseudocode.
  • Table of contents will now render if frontmatter toc is set to true.
  • Added a shortcode to render a GitLab based activity heatmap calander.
  • Added cal-heatmap support along with D3.js and several related extensions.
  • Opened up CORS headers since a static site shouldnt need any CORS protections.
  • Added a quote-box shortcode useful for displaying pretty quotes.
  • Improved the tabs shortcode so the title can be left off and it wont render a black empty square.

Finally here are some of the bugs that have been fixed.

  • Created type page and moved /content/ to be that type. This breaks backwards compatibility therefore we must bump major version according to semantic versioning.
  • Card shortcodes no longer need to be linkable. By leaving the url argument as an empty string it will not render as a clickable link.
  • Fixed links at the bottom of posts that direct people to the gitlab page for the post.
  • Fixed microblog submenu so it no longer extends past bottom of the page.
  • Minor improvement to CSS so page types dont get clipped by the menu header.
  • Fixed a bug where backslashes in the summary of a post could break ActivityPub JSON endpoints.
  • Fixed the paginator next and previous links, they were assigned backwards.

Fedipage Sites Are Now Easier Update

We have now made Fedipage based sites must easier to keep up to date with the latest features and bug fixes.

By moving out the site (the one you are reading this on) as a fork of the main repo, and also removing the old content folder from the main repo. As well as moving hugo.toml to hugo.toml.example this should make things much easier. Because our web page content was being updated it would conflict with other sites that use their code when they try to pull the latest code from upstream. So by removing the content and putting that in a seperate repo it should eliminate all conflicts when updating and should allow the update process to be relatively effortless moving forward.

New ActivityPub Features and Fixes

We have recently implemented several new Fedipage features as well as fixed a few critical bugs.

Here are the new features from the

  • Added the ability for Mastodon instances to find the associated post when searching for the link in the search bar.
  • Created activity and status pages for each page independent from the outbox.
  • Added header link alternates specifying the dual mime type of pages.
  • Now uses publication date set in post frontmatter when available otherwise will set the current date when sent out to followers.

And here are some of the bug fixes:

  • Fixed bad id in /followers ActivityPub endpoint.
  • In the comment section for a page if a user doesnt have a profile picture setup it will now default to a generic avatar rather than render text.
  • Removed image alt text when rendering page comments. If an image profile link was broken the rendered text would not look right.
  • The activity and status endpoints, when called with no extension, now return the correct content-type in header.
  • Fixed a bug where notifications of newly created posts would get resent periodically.

This has caused us to bump the version for the next release to v1.1.0 due to our semantic versioning. The new version will be released shortly.

Fedipage, ActivityPub for Static Sites, has Released v1.0.1

The moment you have all been waiting for, v1 of Fedipage has just been released. This is our first version, so consider it as a beta, but it is fully functional.

You can find the release on our GitLab here:

Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • Moved almost all site-specific stuff into configuration variables to make form easier install.
  • Organized the layouts/partials so that it is very easy to update the the templates.
  • Requires Vercel and Firebase for full ActivityPub support but will provide limited support as a purely static site as well. Limited support means the account can be seen, and its posts, but following wont be confirmed.
  • Wrote detailed step-by-step install instructions to make it easy for everyone.
  • Supports the following ActivityPub features: ** Following confirmation ** Notifications in your feed when new posts are made ** The various pages show content from the fediverse interacting with it like reboosts, likes, and even replies which show up as comments on the page.
  • Tags are supported with a few options: ** Tags can be configured to automatically be added to every post. ** The tags added int he front-matter of a post can be added as fedivese tags. This can be set independently of any default tags. ** Tags can be rendered invisibly, not showing in the text of the post on the fediverse yet still contain the tag metadata for searches
  • An ActivityPub alias can be set if you have other accounts across the fediverse. The alias can also allow you to migrate existing followers to the web page (untested, proceed at your own risk).
  • Microblog side-panel can be configured to show content from your alias fediverse account.
  • Multiple categories of blogs can be handled simultaniously and categorized and tagged independently.
  • Front page is constructed from markdown and broken up into short codes. So the front page can be modified without touching the html.

Open-sourcing the Fedipage site

We have decided to open-source and package the code for this website under the Apache license v2 and is available immediately. We have also began reworking the code for the site, and the documentation, to make it easier for others to adapt. Once the site is ready for consumption we will make another announcement.

ActivityPub Support Added

We have added ActivityPub support for this website!

If you would like to follow this blog from Mastodon or anywhere in the Fediverse just follow the handle and you will get new posts to this site directly in your feed.

In addition if you comment on one of our posts directly from your feed your comments and likes will show on the page for that article.