New ActivityPub Features and Fixes

We have recently implemented several new Fedipage features as well as fixed a few critical bugs.

Here are the new features from the

  • Added the ability for Mastodon instances to find the associated post when searching for the link in the search bar.
  • Created activity and status pages for each page independent from the outbox.
  • Added header link alternates specifying the dual mime type of pages.
  • Now uses publication date set in post frontmatter when available otherwise will set the current date when sent out to followers.

And here are some of the bug fixes:

  • Fixed bad id in /followers ActivityPub endpoint.
  • In the comment section for a page if a user doesnt have a profile picture setup it will now default to a generic avatar rather than render text.
  • Removed image alt text when rendering page comments. If an image profile link was broken the rendered text would not look right.
  • The activity and status endpoints, when called with no extension, now return the correct content-type in header.
  • Fixed a bug where notifications of newly created posts would get resent periodically.

This has caused us to bump the version for the next release to v1.1.0 due to our semantic versioning. The new version will be released shortly.