A New Major Version Released: Fedipage v2.1.0

Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub, has just released v2.1.0! We have a ton of new features and bug fixes in this release.

You can find the release on our GitLab here: https://git.qoto.org/fedipage/fedipage/-/tags/v2.1.0

The following is the list of all the new features:

  • Added several shortcodes and CSS for rendering info-fields, for example for contact info. See info-entry.html, info-field.html, info-key.html and info-value.html under the /layouts/shortcodes/ directory.
  • Added the container-split short code which will split a container into two columns.
  • Updated CSS for blockquote and fonts to be more readable.
  • Added additional parameter to tab shortcode allowing the copy button to be hidden.

Finally here are some of the bugs that have been fixed.

  • Card shortcode will not longer render the horizontal rule when there is no bottom text to render. Removed significant portions of unused CSS to load quicker.
  • Improved responsive aspects of the CSS.
  • Several root settings in /hugo.toml were being overridden such as paginate these should now be fixed.
  • Fixed the CSS so the navbar wont overflow under very low resolutions.
  • Fixed certain text inside <p> tags overflowing and distorting the layout.